About us

ABOUT Renaissance of Tea

Renaissance of Tea was established in 2007 by two sisters, Ms. Chin-Yu Kuan and Ms. Chin-Chih Kuan.
With a passionate interest in tea culture, they created an elegant space for tea tasting in hopes of guests
being able to take pleasure in vivid flavors and characters of each variety of tea in this quiet hideout
from the hustle and bustle

The Renaissance of Tea team perfectly combines the Chinese tea ceremony and aesthetics.
Dedicated to promoting this new lifestyle, Renaissance of Tea is internationally recognized
as the leading brand in the tea industry.

The Renaissance of Tea team visits tea plantations every year to discuss with their owners and tea artisans
the desired level of fermentation and roasting based on the season and climate.
Renaissance of Tea tasters then evaluate and select the finest teas so to make sure
that every cup offered will bring guests a heart-touching moment.

Our tea products have passed SGS 398 pesticide residue testing,
in line with national food hygiene and safety standards, please feel free to drink.

Renaissance of Taste.  The Art of Tea Tasting.

The art of tea has been developed and refined for thousands of years in Chinese history.
It signifies the pursuit of the essence of inner and outer beauty. Honoring tea traditions,
Renaissance of Tea desires to infuse new life into the art of tea from the perspective of contemporary aesthetics.

Renaissance of Tea, through a delicate manner of tea preparation, invites you to embark on an enchanting
and mellow journey of tea tasting—in which your gentle conversation with tea begins, your sense of taste is purified, and your mind finds peace. Savoring a cup of art, you are to appreciate the meaning of life.

The Renaissance of Tea team is always here to serve a tea of dreams.

Life is about the beauty of experience. So is tea.

Renaissance of Tea believes that the art of tea begins with being attentive to every detail.
When one engages in the art of tea with all sincerity and passion,
like a child experiencing something for the very first time, and enjoys every little detail,
the mysterious nuances of the making of tea will be unraveled and the beauty of experience, cherished.

The Renaissance of Tea team is committed to bringing the finest tasting experience to guests by valuing
and taking care of everything in preparing a cup of tea: the variety of the tea, the making of tea,
and the appreciation of tea.

Serenity is the core of the art of tea. A serene mind helps one to feel the heartbeat of things.
A serene sense of taste helps one to appreciate the unique characteristics of every variety of tea.

In the hustle and bustle of life, the Renaissance of Tea connoisseurs peacefully
and wholeheartedly partake all steps of tea preparation, including cleaning the environment,
choosing the best seats, selecting the tea wares, making the proper arrangement of the tea wares,
heating the water, and managing the water temperature.
Because they know that only with peace of mind will one discover a cup of fine tea.

Leisurely. Unhurried. Relaxed. Slowness is the pace of tea tasting.

When a person rushes time he will miss a lot. Chinese scholar Lou Lin (1573-1620)
wrote in his book
Cha Jie (Connoisseurship of Tea) that, “Tea must be drank slowly. If a person gobbles several cups of tea hastily without perceiving its flavor at all, he is like a servant quenching his thirst after hard work.”

The Renaissance of Tea connoisseurs, with the same philosophy, intentionally slow down and take the time
to create lingering memories of tea, for we know that tea is to be savored at a nice pace—andante you might say. So, come and let your palate be infused with a banquet of delicate flavors: fragrant, hot, bitter, and sweet.

Renaissance of Tea also believes that the beauty of tea lies in the spirit of life.

To find the perfect tea for each moment, you need to feel a tea with all the five senses in an unprejudiced
and genuine way. When enjoying the tea to the fullest and trying to describe it with your own words,
you not only find its essential taste but also extend the spirit and life of tea.

Ting Jin Oolong—A Wonderful Taste to be Remembered

Ting Jin (or Ding Zhen) means “absolutely serious”
in Taiwanese Hokkien. Ting Jin Oolong is an exclusive tea at Renaissance of Tea and a masterpiece embodying the spirit of Ting Jin. The Renaissance of Tea team personally selects and visits tea growing areas, tea estates and tea growers. They monitor plucking and production, taste the tea, and ask for additional processing to create this special edition of tea, which gives delicate taste and elegant aroma.